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For the past 25 years The East West Foundation has provided access to high quality primary healthcare to over 32,000 people residing in the Edaikazhinadu Panchayat of Tamil Nadu.

Health is a basic need and enables individuals to breakdown key barriers that help alleviate poverty.  However, access to quality healthcare in rural & remote parts of India can often be a difficult and expensive task.  A single incident of medical care can threaten to push vulnerable households into poverty. 


As a result, The East West Foundation provides affordable and free healthcare services to the people residing in 24 villages across the rural Edaikazhinadu Panchayat.  This ensures that all people are provided with high quality treatment as well as education programs, which in turn has increased the health outcomes of the population.


Since 1998, when our primary healthcare programmes began, there has been a significant increase in disease management and awareness amongst the communities we work within.

Healthcare Programmes

A Primary Health Centre in the village of Kadapakkam which treats over 100 patients daily

An ambulance providing healthcare to the most rural & remote communities

Building awareness and providing programmes to improve regional health outcomes

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