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Who We Are

The East West Foundation is a volunteer-driven charitable and educational foundation committed to working towards the development and empowerment of socially and economically marginalised communities in rural India.

Operating as The East West Foundation of India (TEWFI) we have worked for over 25 years in the Edaikazhinadu Panchayat of the state Tamil Nadu, India.  The village is situated on the Southern coast roughly two hours south of the state capital, Chennai.

32,000 people living across 24 villages in this area benefit from the healthcare, education, children’s rights and relief, community development, and environmental programmes provided.

Policy and Governance 

We operate as multiple organisations around the world as shown below

Fundraising Organisations

Each organisation is set up in each country with relevant government legislations as an NGO with Tax Deductible Status

All funds are sent to TEWFI compliant with charity funding laws

Operational Organisation

TEWFI is the site of all the charitable work operating in the Edaikazhinadu Panchayat of Tamil Nadu, India

  • The East West Foundation of India in India

  • The East West Foundation of Australia Inc (TEWFA) 

  • The East West Foundation of USA

  • The East West Foundation of UK

  • The three Foundations comply with relevant Government regulations for an NGO and tax deduction status.

  • A Management Committee (MC) of the TEWFA meets monthly in Melbourne. It has a Chair and 6 voting members.

  • The Thursday Working Group (TWG) comprising of volunteers is an advisory group looking at fundraising and operational issues.

  • TEWFA sends money raised in Australia to TEWFI in India which manages the operations of the various activities and employs local staff.

  • Donations from US and UK are also sent directly to TEWFI

  • TEWFI has recently started fundraising activities in India, initially focusing at the corporate sector under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations.

An Introduction to The East West Foundation

This video and interview below will take you through the important work of

The East West Foundation and the vision of the founder Dr. Natteri V. Chandran.

The East West Foundation Introduction Video
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The following interview by our founder in 2006 that gives an insight into the work we do in India. It was conducted by a radio station called Indian link in Sydney. The audio starts in Hindi, but the interview following is in English. 

Interview by Dr Chandran In Indian Link from Sydney 2006 - Unknown Artist
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