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About Us

The East West Foundation is a charitable and educational foundation committed to working towards the development and empowerment of socially and economically marginalised communities in rural India.

The Foundation achieves this through a range of healthcare, education, children’s rights and relief, community development, and environmental projects. We leverage resources, skills and expertise from around the world to promote best practice in the area of rural development and community empowerment.




Working with disadvantaged communities in rural India to provide long-term, sustainable improvements to quality of life through a range of relief and development initiatives.



Communities in rural India which are vibrant, healthy, and safe, and where each person has access to opportunities to reach their full potential.

Organisational Structure

Fundraising Organisations

The East West Foundation of Australia (TEWFA)
The East West Foundation of USA
The East West Foundation of UK

Each organisation is set up in each country with relevant government legislations as an NGO with Tax Deductible Status

All funds are sent to TEWFI compliant with charity funding laws

Operational Organisation

The East West Foundation of India (TEWFI)

TEWFI is the site of all the charitable work operating in the Edaikazhinadu Panchayat of Tamil Nadu, India

Our focus is to support the economic and social development of the communities we work with by empowering them through our activities.

​The foundations's main beneficiaries reside within the rural farming and fishing communities of Edaikazhinadu Town Panchayat, south of Mahabalipuram, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India.

Founded 25 years ago by Dr. Natteri V. Chandran, it has a rich history that has seen the foundation grow exponentially since it began.

Over the years we have formed close relationships and partnerships locally in India and overseas. This has helped us improve, expand and introduce new programmes.

The foundation has a committed group of volunteers and staff spread across India and Australia working to ensure our programmes are of high quality and are constantly improving to achieve the greatest impact.

We believe in equal opportunity and our staff are from diverse social, cultural and economic backgrounds.

The foundation regularly produces publications that highlight our governance.  The legal certifications,  annual reports,   governance documents and other publications are all available on this website.

For additional details do not hesitate to contact us. 

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