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Child Rights & Relief

In India the number of abandoned children, especially females, is high and continuously on the increase despite the government and NGOs doing their best to curtail this. As a result of the need to protect and care for abandoned, destitute and orphaned children TEWFI founded the Uluru Children’s Home in 2001.

Uluru Children's Home

Set on a beautiful coast in the south of India, the Uluru Children's Home (UCH) provides relief to abandoned, destitute and orphaned children.

The children of UCH are nurtured in a safe environment which helps them realise their full potential through holistic learning and participation in many activities.

Since its inception in 2001 the Home has provided sanctuary to over 100 children.

UCH Education

The children of UCH attend tuition every school night. This helps them overcome any difficulties they have faced during the school day. This has resulted in a marked improvement in the children's school results.

Our tutors are committed members of the community with training in education. Many of them work as teachers in local private and public schools.

Apart from emphasising the importance of academic studies, we develop the skills of the children in applying the concepts that they are studying.

Arts, Sports & Extra Curricular Activities at UCH

The UCH strives to ensure that the lives of the children residing here is as peaceful and fulfilling as possible.  We want to give these children every opportunity in life to express themselves artistically, creatively and physically.

Tremendous improvements were noted among the children who are learning Bharathanatiyam and Carnatic music.  Almost every child is involved in music and dance.

The Home also organises weekly karate lessons, as well as sporting activities such as cricket, soccer and volleyball on a regular basis

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