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Uluru Children's Home

UCH – What is it?

  • A home for children orphaned or abandoned by destitute parents.

  • First batch in 2005 of 25 girls; from 2 to 10 years old.

  • Boys came later, as siblings of girls or referred by the Government authorities.

  • As at March 2017 there are xx girls and yy boys.

  • They maintain contacts with their extended families where possible.

  • They stay till 18 when they finish High school.

  • Earlier departures occur if circumstances permit.

What are the facilities at UCH?

  • Located at Alamparai, 100 km south of Chennai.

  • Separate dormitories for girls and boys.

  • Live-in House Mother and carers.

  • Kitchen facilities to feed all kids and live-in staff.

  • Bore well plus Rain water collection system.

  • XX cows providing fresh milk daily for children.

  • Access to a purpose-built computer laboratory.

  • Vegetable gardens to provide seasonal vegetables to the kitchen.

  • Environmentally friendly waste water treatment.

A typical day for a child at UCH.

  • They live in dormitories – separate for boys and girls.

  • They have simple, healthy breakfast, including milk.

  • They clean up the rooms, get ready and go to schools.

  • The older one cycle to the local high school,

  • The younger ones go to local primary schools or the new Uluru Early Learning Centre.(link)

  • Government-provided mid-day meals for all school kids.

  • Play time in the evening at UCH, then more studies with tutors.

  • Dinner around 7.30 pm and then off to bed.

  • On Sundays, training in music and dancing, play volley ball or muck around the gardens or do homework.

Safe Environment

  • The grounds around the dormitory buildings are fenced in with round-the-clock watchmen on duty.

  • Primary school kids are accompanied by carers on the way to school.

  • Volunteers working at UCH must get a prior Police Approval form for working with children.

  • Visitors are not allowed to take an individual child on their own on trips outside UCH. (close relatives excepted).

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