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We are excited to announce that The East West Overseas Aid Foundation has recently been granted Schedule One charity status by the Australian Taxation Office.  We have had Category 2 status for the past 18 years.  However, the organisation has evolved considerably in that time.

We are especially pleased to have gained this new classification as it simplifies procedures and means we will be able to limit some overhead expenses.

The Schedule One charitable status will involve changing the name to The East West Foundation of Australia (TEWFA).  Much consideration was given to the need for a name change.  We believe though that this amended name now reflects more closely the Foundation’s current aims and purposes.

Importantly, donations will remain fully tax deductible.  Very soon your donation receipt will include the new name and gradual changes will also be made to the letterhead, forms and logos.

The process to gain this new charitable status has been quite long and protracted.  We express our heartfelt gratitude to our pro bono law firm Arnold Bloch Leibler who worked tirelessly on our behalf.

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