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Impact of your Giving

 Our Girls in 2005 - Where are they now?
  • Your donation of time, money and expertise has enabled these girls and many children since then to have a safe, caring environment, an education that provides them with a hopeful future, food and clothing and given them choices in life that otherwise they would have been denied.

  • Three of the children pictured have graduated from tertiary education and are now employed in fashion technology, computer engineering and medical reception roles.

  • Sixteen of the others are currently following various courses including economics, stenography and engineering.

  • One is married with a young child.

  • The remainder are either still completing their secondary schooling or have been reunited with family members.

None of this – giving young people a future - would have been possible without your support. Thank you from the 115 children that have been cared for at Uluru Children’s Home, over the past 17 years.

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