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Environment & Sustainability

The East West Foundation is committed to helping maintain the precious natural resources that make up the environment in and around the Coastal area on its site. 

The Foundation has been instrumental in establishing a waste recycling project and a Coastal Environmental Education Centre for the use of the local community, ensuring the impact on the environment is minimised. All the infrastructure of the foundation, including the various buildings and other equipment are funded solely from donations.

Environment Programs

Water is recycled from the bathrooms, toilets and kitchens for use in the garden and plant nursery 

Rain water harvesting from the various buildings especially during Monsoon to decrease reliance on ground water

 A learning centre for local school groups and a means of tackling environmental concerns in the area built in Foundation land and run in partnership with Nudukuppam Panchayat. The centre promotes sustainable farming and fishing techniques

Helping the communities to develop sustainable farming programmes 

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