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Water Management at Uluru

Water Harvesting Systems - Current

Roof Water Collecting System

Currently there are a few tanks collecting water from the roof of the Children's Home. They were donated by Rotary India. While these provide valuable amounts of water to the kitchens, much more is needed including maintaining existing tanks and adding new ones.

Ground Water Storage

Currently there are a number of wells and ponds. 

Water Management Infrastructure

The water purification and piping necessary to get drinking water to the various buildings is in place to cover the bare necessities. However, much more is needed.

Water Purification

A 200 litre per hour water purification system was installed in the Uluru Children's Home in mid-2016. This system provides the children and Foundation staff with clean drinking water all year round.

Water Harvesting Systems - Future Plans

Roof Water Collecting System

There are plans to extend the roof water collection to all the buildings in the compound. This needs major funding and relies on donors, people such as yourself.


Ground Water Storage

There are plans to build more wells and ponds to augment the existing water. The future growth of facilities depend on this to ensure availability of good quality drinking water for all. 


Water Management Infrastructure

There are plans to ensure piping and maintenance of all the water needs of the community within the Uluru compound. This includes managing drinking water supply separate to washing water and garden water and other such usage including grey water management. 

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