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Where Your Donations Go 

Your donations will be applied directly to helping the Foundation.

Here is how some of your donations can assist our operations​:

  • An ancillary staff member at the Foundation costs $120 per month

  • A child care worker costs $150 per month

  • A social worker to help with various education programmes costs $250 per month 

  • A nurse in the health centre costs $300 per month 

  • A doctor in the health centre costs $700 per month

  • Running costs for the Health Care Centre are $120 per day

  • Running costs to provide shelter, food, health care and education for the children at UCH  $400 per day

The Foundation conducts in depth monitoring and evaluation of every unit, and analyses the impact of each project.  Below is the statistics of all the units run in India, as of end of 2016. 

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