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Ways to Get Involved


Donations are the lifeblood of a charitable Foundation. Your donation will greatly assist us to continue our work in India. You can make a general contribution or choose a specific area or project (e.g. sponsoring a PC workstation). Every donation, however big or small, is greatly valued, and every donor is a supporting member

Fund Raising Events

The various arms of the foundation have regular fund raising events that are made successful by your participation. We organise annual fundraising events in Melbourne, a Dinner Dance in October and a Golf Day in February. You are invited to take part in these events. 

We also welcome our supporters who organise events that raise much needed funds for our various work as described in 'What we Do'

Volunteer With Us

TEWFI and its activities at Alamparai have come about wholly through the tireless efforts of volunteers from around the world. Volunteers have been involved in fund raising, project planning and execution, designing, building, managing and provision of services. Everyone can contribute their skills, expertise, their time and energy in some form or other to assist those in need.


TEWFI at Alamparai has some career opportunities from time to time.  For current jobs available click on link below. You can also contact us via email.   

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