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Sustainable Environment Programmes

Sustainable Environments - Current

Indigenous plant nursery

An indigenous plant nursery has been established including more than 50 Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest species.


Organic Vegetable Garden

A pilot organic vegetable garden has started to produce food for the midday school meals.

Renewable Energy

Solar photovoltaics pump water and supply electricity using renewable energy.


Community Involvement

Training has been given to local farmers in organic agriculture and vegetable gardening using vermi-compost and effective micro-organisms (EM).

New crops, particularly medicinal plants, have been introduced to the local farmers.

Sustainable Environments - Future

Infrastructure Development

To develop the school campus as a demonstration site for appropriate replicable technologies that will be part of any future rural community infrastructure (water treatment, solar, wind, biogas, solid waste management, organic farming)


Environmental Eduction

To develop environmental education teaching packages based on the demonstration site that can be easily integrated into any school system.

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