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Arts, Sports & Extra Curricular Activities at UCH

  • The UCH strives to ensure that the lives of the children residing here is as peaceful and fulfilling as possible.  We want to give these children every opportunity in life to express themselves artistically, creatively and physically.  Tremendous improvements were noted among the children who are learning Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music.  Almost every child is involved in music and dance. 


  • Normally about 40 to 50 children participate in Karate classes twice a week.  This teaches them a special type of mental and physical discipline.  Quite a few of them have obtained a Black Belt.


  • We also provide areas for the children to play games such as Cricket and Football (Soccer).  Recently a volleyball court was laid so the children can partake in one of their favourite games - Volleyball

  • Through these activities there has been a marked increase in the children’s positive attitude towards life and in their ability to express themselves.

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