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Mobile Medical Clinic

The Mobile Medical Clinic is an innovative project that provides consultations and medical access to households and individuals residing in the most rural and remote areas 

The Issue

Accessibility to primary healthcare acts as a major barrier in the lives of peoples living in rural and remote parts of the world. An individual's inability to adequately treated diseases due to lack of access can lead to further health complications and could be life threatening in some instances.

The Solution

The Foundation provides an innovative solution to this issue through a Mobile Medical Clinic.  This initiative sees our nurses and community development workers travel to the most remote villages we work with. They provide free consultations and medicine to community people residing in these areas which are far from any form of primary healthcare.

This programme covers 24 villages and has operated since 2010.  During this time over 37,000 patients have been treated.  As a result, management of health and awareness of medical issues in these areas has increased significantly.

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