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Community Health Programmes

The East West Foundation works in local communities to improve the health outcomes through education and awareness programmes.

The importance of health education and awareness is just as important as treatment of diseases.

An integral part of The East West Foundation's mission is to create healthy communities. Therefore we run a number of community health programmes that educate communities about diseases, with a focus on prevention, detection and treatment methods.  This approach, coupled with the UHCC and the Mobile Medical Clinic services, has had a profound impact on healthcare, awareness and health outcomes in the Edaikazhinadu region.

Since 2006, The Foundation has benefited over 10,000 communities members through its various health outreach programmes.

Disease and Health Awareness

Community development and social workers conduct regular sessions in surrounding villages to create awareness regarding the prevention and cure of prominent disease in the area.  Their focus is on ensuring people are aware of ways they can reduce their risk of contracting Malaria, Dengue fever, TB, Typhoid, Diabetes and other such diseases.

Sessions are conducted on a regular basis within the Uluru Health Care Centre and in public spaces in surrounding villages.

Community Health Programmes

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