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Uluru Nursery & Primary School

What is Uluru Nursery & Primary School?

  • A kindergarten and primary school started by TEWFI.

  • Co-educational, English medium school.

  • Tamil, Hindi and IT are part of core curriculum.

  • Aim is to make it self-sustainable.

  • Fees apply to all students, concession for kids from poorer families.

  • Headed by an experienced Principal (Link to bio)

  • Six teachers, all qualified and local.

  • Overseas teachers welcome to volunteer. (Link)

As of 2017:

  • up to grade five are offered.

  • 58 students in all - 10 from UCH and the rest from local villages.

Facilities at Uluru Nursery & Primary School

  • Approved by the State Government

  • Located within the TEWFI complex

  • About 3 acres of fenced-in school yard

  • 2-storey brick building and concrete roof to withstand cyclones and monsoonal storms.

  • Five classrooms, with all amenities

  • Access to the facilities of the Coastal Eco-Education Centre (link)

  • Access to the Vicki Standish e-Education Centre (link)

  • Above all, quality education policy and strategy. (Link to a document on this).

Our Educational Philosophy

Our aim is to help kids face their lives with a sensible and practical approach. We aim to instil in them a sense of balance between:

  • building memory and recall ability (“rote learning”) and promoting a spirit of enquiry.

  • pursuit of individual excellence and a co-operative team approach in solving problems.

  • imposed discipline and self-control.

  • respect for elders/authority and logical analysis.

  • following established norms and charting one’s own path in life.

  • Quantitative and qualitative analytical abilities.

A typical day at Uluru Early Nursery & Primary School 

Apart from class room teaching, kids take part in Games, IT lab, Eco lab, Field trips, Gardening, Arts & crafts. A typical day may look like  this:

  • Early morning cleaning of the yard and buildings

  • Teachers arrive at 8am

  • UCH kids and those from village come in.

  • School assembly and prayers at 8-30am.

  • 6 periods, 45 minutes each (from 8:30 to 2:30)

  • Recess and play time for the kindergarten kids (from 10:00 to 10:30)

  • Lunch break (from 12 to 1:00).

  • After lunch sessions and school closes at 2:30 PM.

We have big plans for Uluru Early Learning Centre … and We need your help to realise them!

  • Progressively increase the classes up to the end of Primary School (year 6)

  • Aim for a total population of 300 (including staff)

  • Set up a science laboratory to teach basic concepts of physical and natural sciences.

  • Establish linkages with other like-minded schools within India and overseas.

  • Encourage teachers’ professional development.

  • Collect fees and funds sufficient to cover all running costs and repairs to assets.

  • Set up scholarships and prizes to reward excellence.

Your donation is most welcome. It is tax-deductible. But you can also help in other ways.


Are you a doctor, an engineer, a nurse, a teacher or other health care professional? Or a tertiary student in the above disciplines, perhaps?


Want to know more about Volunteering with TEWOAF in India? Click here

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