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e-Classroom on Wheels (e COW)

What is eCOW?

  • eCOW is a custom-made bus, that TEWFI staff use to travel to rural and remote Government schools and communities and provide IT and Computer education. 

  • There are two eCOW buses, both made possible by generous donors.

  • The first eCOW started in 2010 and the second in 2014, 

  • The buses seat about  33 students with each seat having a foldout desk for laptops. 

  • There is a LCD TV that is used to display the lessons for the children to follow.

  • All the electronics and amenities in the bus are solar powered. 

  • Engineers with Borders have been actively helping TEWFI in this project. .


Benefits of eCOW:

  • gives children in the remote rural area the opportunity to learn how computers work, something they may not ordinarily be able to afford. 

  • gives these children skills for the future, particularly in a country that is becoming heavily reliant on the IT sector and general computing skills.


The eCoW project focus is for 5th and 8th standard children. There were about 13 primary & middle schools which focused on ICT education for 5th standard  and 8th standard children.

Computer Wallah Programme

  • The “Computer Wallah” Program which commenced in Oct-09 targeting 5th standard children of four local schools, through daily laptop computer use. This programme has continued since then.

  • Statistics for the months of Jan 2017- to March 2017 are:

  • The Computer Wallah Project Schools are:

    • Vembanur Primary School,

    • Kottai Kadu 2 schools,

    • Panaiyur Middle School,

    • Kadapakkam Primary School,

    • Vennagupattu Primary School.

  • About 65  males and 80 females have benefited from the programme in the above period.

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