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Uluru Health Care Centre

Since 1998, The Uluru Health Care Centre has run a free primary health care service for more than 15,000 rural villagers around Alamparai in South India. The only service of its kind in the region, the Centre is staffed by a doctor and nursing staff from the local area, as well as several community social workers. Patients are able to access quality medical care which they may not otherwise have been able to afford. In addition, the Uluru medical team administers a range of health education and nutrition programs in the community, and is working to integrate psychosocial and mental health care into existing services.

  • Located at Alamparai, 100 km south of Chennai, India.

  • Staffed by a qualified full time doctor

  • 3 nurses

  • Pharmacist and supply of medicines.

  • xx social workers.

  • Treat up to about 150 patients a day

  • Administrative support

  • Free of charge till recently but shortage of funds has forced us to charge a nominal fee is charged for

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