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More details on various community health programmes

Statistics on the Eye Camp in 2014

  • Conducted last year in collaboration with Aravind Eye Hospital Pondicherry.

  • Information posters, announcements in local newspapers and public radio stations were made about the camp throughout Edaikazhinadu town Panchayat, Chunambedu village Panchayat and Kolathur village Panchayat by TEWFI’s social workers and staff.



  • In the January - July 2017 period, eye camps were held in 24 villages benefittting 284 people.

Alcohol, Smoking and Drug Awareness

  • There is a relatively high amount of substance abuse, particularly of alcohol in the area. 

  • Our programs aim to help people understand the devastating impact of alcohol and other substance abuses. 

  • They also support people who are addicted and need assistance in addressing these issues.

Some statistics of programmes conducted in the Jan to June 2017 period 

Diabetes Awareness Programme

  • 36 programmes.

  • 603 adults and 196 children participated. 

Breast Feeding Awareness Programme

  • 1 programme.

  • 29 adults participated.

Blood Pressure Awareness Programme

  • 28 programmes.

  • 48 adults participated.

Dengue Fever Awareness Programme

  • 6 programmes.

  • 47 adults and 41 children participated.


Stress Management Programme 

  • 6 programmes.

  • 54 adults and 68 youth participated.

Health Education Programme

  • 20 programmes.

  • 340 youth and children participated.

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