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Vicky Standish e-Education Centre (VSeEC)

  • VSeEC, started in 2008, is a multifunctional electronic centre that provides free computer education and access to vital technical, educational and employment information online through Village Knowledge Centre for community people.

  • Equipped with 20 PCs, 33 netbooks and 10 laptops. (as at 2015)

  • Who uses the VSeEC Facility?:

    • Children from UCH - between 6 and 7.30 pm weeknights and daytime in weekends

    • Community children, youth and adolescent girls use the each weeknight and weekends

  • ​Examples of areas taught:

    • Basic computer and ICT literacy education to the children, young people and the adolescent girls in the community.

    • Short courses for accounting people,

    • Desktop publishing and

    • Advanced computer education

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