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Based on the innovative concept of ‘Family Social Responsibility’, our Family Fellowship Program offers the entire family an opportunity to make a genuine contribution whilst becoming actively involved with East West Foundation on an ongoing basis, and from one generation to the next, both in Australia and in India. This unique donor club welcomes supporters who give either a tax deductible donation of $3,300 more.

The Program was officially launched in February 2005 by our Patron The Honourable Ron Merkel QC during the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in December 2004. Initially, a total of 21 families chose to become part of the program. The funds raised were used for the construction of The Merkel Family Fellowship Building – opened in October 2006 – a dormitory built to accommodate children displaced by the disaster. Currently the dormitory houses 60 children and the number continues to grow.

Australian residents who want to become a member please click on the button below to fill out the form and mail or email it to us to the address in the form.  If You are from USA or UK please contact us

Fellowship membership offers a chance to share in a remarkable experience:

  • you receive regular updates on Foundation's activities;

  • you and your family, if travelling to India, are welcome to visit the Uluru Children's Home (with prior notice);

  • assistance is provided with transportation arrangements to Uluru Children's Home from Chennai Airport, and other arrival or departure points;

  • advice is given with respect to travel from the Uluru Children's Home  to nearby tourist destinations;

  • Family Fellows may apply to volunteer their skills both in Australia and India 

When visiting the Uluru Children's Home, Family Fellows can really appreciate and become involved in the work being done.  All who have visited have found it very rewarding. It also provides an invaluable opportunity for the children to meet you. In this way, East meets West in a reciprocal experience of giving and sharing.

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