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.Evening English and Literacy Programme

Evening English Classes


  • Courses are aimed at local communities and UCH children.

  • The focus is on improving conversational English skills.

  • Run by TEWFI’s social workers and volunteers from overseas, using innovative teaching approaches to suit the language skill levels of participants.

  • Progress of the students regularly assessed.

  • The children at primary, intermediate and advanced level develop their skills in comprehending and speaking in English. 

Literacy Classes


  • The aim of the program is to eradicate illiteracy amongst the people in the region. 

  • TEWFI conducts literacy classes for youth who are not able to read and write even in the Tamil language. 

  • We work in Alamparai Kuppam Village and focus on educating them in basic fundamentals of education.

  • As per our assessment study the program has an enormous impact on people as they can now write their names and are beginning to read more easily.

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