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eCoW Project - INVITATION TO EXHIBIT AT VISION 2020 CONVENTION at Perambalur 19th- 20th May 2018

‘Children see magic because they look for it’! (Christopher Moore)

One of our unique eCoW busses

As you all know, our innovative electronic Classroom on Wheels (eCoW) was conceptualized and designed by TEWFI to address a number of issues in rural communities, especially related to poor education standards, poor teacher and student attendance and poor infrastructure in those communities. eCoW is a fully customized bus that has been completely modified and fitted out to become a networked mobile classroom complete with drop down desks for the students, laptops, integrative learning software, LCD screen, whiteboard, projector and fully trained teachers. It is effectively a completely mobile classroom that takes education to the community.


We felt very honored to be invited to the 2020 Convention at Perambalur on 19-20th May this year. A convention of this calibre is extremely unique and we were part of a group of over 1500 participants from all over India and Sri Lanka. There were many young and distinguished scientists from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and also from all over Tamil Nadu. Mr.Gokul of Engineers Without Borders and of ISRO had invited us for the above convention to exhibit our eCoW project as it is an exciting innovation in education. Attendance at the convention also presented us with an important opportunity to help raise funds for our operating costs for this project. 


Some of the exciting innovations exhibited at the convention included an app that ensures honest voting by allowing only one vote per person; a new DIY kit that allows people to alter your vehicle to allow it to run on water rather than petrol or diesel at the rate of 98 km per litre; and a 64 gram satellite that measures atmospheric changes related to climate change and global warming to help find solutions to these significant environmental issues.


A sensational development was when the young scientist who invented the kit to convert vehicles to be fuelled by water alone actually invited us to send any of our children that may be interested to work with them and be part of their research team. 

We were also approached by headmasters of schools from Virudhunagar, Tiruvannamalai, Cuddalore, Tindivanam Districts that have heard of the benefits of our project and were very keen to become a part of it. As some of these places are a reasonable distance from our Foundation, we mentioned that we will be happy to provide these services if they can contribute to the operating costs. 

Another highlight was that the late President of India and the great scientist Dr. Abdul Kalam’s family came specifically to tour our bus and they were very impressed by the work we are doing. 

The event was a great success and it was truly a privilege to be included amongst such an elite group of scientists and their supporters. We were also very proud to have created such an innovative and groundbreaking project that so many people expressed much interest in.

A big thanks to all of our staff who did a fantastic job of presenting at the convention.


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