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Community Education Programmes

Village Knowledge Centre

  • The number of people using our village knowledge centre has increased as the word spreads about the benefits to be gained. 


  • The users during this year were 200 males and 150 females. 


  • Users come to get their examination results, apply for passports online, view their passport status, find employment agencies, e-ticket bookings, typing and sending their resumes to employment agencies.


  • This service also helps people get a variety of jobs done and access basic computer requirements.

Career Guidance Programme


  • In this program students are educated about the different types of courses, the nature and value of the courses, the University that provides the course and the qualifications required for the enrolment etc. 

  • Students are motivated by the career guidance.  

  • Topics such as goal setting, planning to achieve these goals and managing time efficiently were also covered in this programme. 

  • It also helps keep students informed about the opportunities and paths they may pursue in the future.

Summer Camp Programme

  • Normally, during the summer vacation community children can spend their time with us on very constructive activities.


  • Annual camps are usually held in May and conducted over 7 days or so for different community members.

  • Venues for the program are chosen in such a way that the children from at least 2 or 3 communities could participate in a camp.

  • The activities include educational courses in IT at the VSeEC, a map test competition, drawing activities etc.

  • Such summer camps are becoming a regular feature of our community education programme.

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